Are you facing changes in your life due to a disability or the inability to meet government standards?  Are you getting ready to leave a special care institution?  Need assistance getting ahead in the areas of:

  • Life Skills
  • Education
  • Case Management
  • Advocacy
  • Job coaching
  • Independent Living
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Recovery Assistance
  • CT accreditation 

or completing paper work for initial program applications?  Talk to our highly qualified compassionate CT certified Specialists to help you move forward, one step at a time, in your endeavors. 

Our mission is to provide high quality person centered services to people who are working on a better future for themselves.

It is our vision to see all those in need of services get the appropriate high quality compassionate services they need. 

Our motto is:

"The client's needs come before the dollar."

               Fees are negotiable.

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