Moving Forward Consulting has always believed not all of us learn the same way.  Therefore we present various learning strategies to our clients in order to find the right fit for them. 

Research has shown that private tutoring is the most effective method of learning.  It is difficult for an instructor, with a group of thirty or more, to present topics in various manners given the amount of time they are permitted to spend on a topic.  A private tutor can quickly guide a client in finding their best learning style/strategies and present the topics in a manner that would assist them in raising their scores on state tests, teacher made tests, or daily progress in all areas of study.

Our program consists of credentialed teachers in special education, as well as specific study areas, and other professionals who provide individualized instruction at the home, office, or requested public venue of each client.  Our teachers and consultants will provide assessments or attend IEP meetings in order to evaluate the client's needs.  Detailed instruction such as preparing for the High School Exit Examination or homework help may be contracted. 

We cover all levels--preschool through adult education.

Remedial and Accelerated Learning for all subjects, including: 

  • Math and Science
  • Reading and Writing
  • English and Social Studies
  • Study Skills
  • Computer Training
  • Test Preparation
  • Entrance and Exit Examinations
  • Independent Study and Homeschooling
  • Special Education

We are flexible with scheduling in order to fit your needs. Our first one hour consult is free.  Planning, research, testing, and report writing are included in future scheduled hourly rates.  We provide immediate feedback with monthly progress reports for all of our clients.  Our program features the following services:

  • Standards-Based Diagnostic Assessments
  • An individualized student plan
  • One-to-One Instruction
  • All Subjects
  • All Grade Levels from K-14
  • Research-based curriculum and assessments
  • High School Equivalency (GED Preparation)
  • High School Exit Examination Preparation
  • Living Skills Programs
  • Homework Help
  • SAT & ACT Preparation
  • English Language Development
  • Special Needs Students

To request a Tutor go to movingforwardconsulting@yahoo.com and send the following information:


Home Phone:

Work Phone:



Street Address:






Major Cross Streets:


Student Name:

Aprox # of Hours Per Week:

Grade Level:



Method of Payment

One of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

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