Under the Mental Health Waiver, Money Follows The Person, or the Elder Care Waiver programs through Allied Fudiciary Services and DSS we offer competetive rates for the following services:

Individual Case Management $

Individual Companion $

Individual Life Skills Training $

Individual Carreer Specialist $

Individual Housekeeping Services $

Individual Personal Care Assistance $ 


Individual Tutoring

There are no up-front fees -- we strictly work on an hourly basis. There is no additional charge for our travel time. Lessons may be purchased in advance at a reduced rate, with a minimum of 5 lessons per purchase (see below).

Credit cards not accepted.  Checks or money orders may be mailed to our office for reduced rate certificates.  The fee for any returned checks will be added to your account.

Hourly Rate: $50.00 per hour for one-to-one tutoring (K-12) $55.00 per hour for Adults or College Level instruction.

Introductory package: $240.00 for 5 hours of instruction

($260 for Adults or College Level)

Reduced Rate Certificates

$50 Rate -- Discount Packages

12 hours- $570.00

Save $30 (5%)

$47.50 each

25 hours- $1125.00

Save $125 (10%)

$45.00 each

75 hours- $3300.00

Save $450 (12%)

$44.00 each

$55 Rate -- Discount Packages

12 hours- $627.00

Save $33 (5%)

$52.25 each

25 hours- $1237.50

Save $137.50 (10%)

$49.5 each

75 hours- $3630.00

Save $495 (12%)

$48.40 each

Tutoring certificates are mailed via certified mail, and are to be handed to the tutor at the end of each lesson. Please allow 5 days to receive the certificates. There is a $15.00 handling charge (total) for returned certificates. 

To request a Moving Forward Consulting Service check out our contact page or email movingforwardconsulting@yahoo.com and send the following information:

Case Manager/Conservator's Name:

Home Phone:

Work Phone:



Client's Street Address:

Client's City:

Client's County:

Client's State:



Client's Major Cross Streets:


Client Name:

Aprox # of Hours Per Week:

Grade Level/Age:



Method of Payment

One of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours.

Go to our Blog page to view references.             

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