Whether you have been injured in an accident, had a stroke or aneurysm, CT certified and specially trained Independent Life Skills Trainers, Employment Specialists, and Case Managers are available to assist clients under the ABI/TBI Waiver in readjusting to community settings and living independently.

Services include but are not limited to:




ADL Support

Community Involvement

Housing Issues

Finance Coordinating

Job Coaching


We will work with your team of service providers, (or help to put a team together), to create a Person Centered Plan in order to guide us in facilitating your recovery.   

Because some of our staff are not only well trained in their areas of expertise but are also brain injury survivors themselves, we can provide our clients and families with compassionate, insightful, and well meaning care and assistance.

Haven't gotten on the waiver list yet? We can help you apply and work with you even if you are not on the waiver. Our first one hour consult is free.  Planning, research, testing, and report writing are included in future scheduled hourly rates.


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